Agreements / relation


Entrepreneurship is a profession. You are brimming with energy.

But beware, the first step deserves all your attention. You start making agreements with suppliers and manufacturers. You might rent a building. And you may already be starting to recruit staff.

You immediately have to deal with numerous obligations. Licences, taxes and administration. Make sure you receive timely information and assistance when entering into these obligations.

Guidance for entrepreneurs is part of my service package.


When you work together with someone else and when you do business with someone else, it always starts with the full confidence that you are on the same road together. And most of the time it is. But as in every relationship, there can be a hitch.

You no longer want the same as your partner, or your customer or supplier thinks very differently about the performance than you do. And then the question arises: what was agreed?

If it is not written down properly, your story is often just as good as the other person’s. You will then try to prove yourself right by other means. You will then have to prove yourself right by other means. And that is not always easy.

And if it goes wrong later on, don’t think that it will turn out all right, but ask for advice straight away. Time heals all wounds, we say, but the passage of time in disputes often opens more wounds than it heals.

That is why it is so important to set down the agreements properly from the outset. If it is even a bit more important, get help from a good lawyer.